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At Supermarket Liquors and Wines, we are dedicated to offering one of the largest selections of wines, spirits, and cordials in the Western New York area. To help you find the product you're looking for we have included a guide to our stock inventory listed below. Please note that we are always taking in new items and that the quantities and items listed below may vary depending on the season and availability. To learn more or to inquire about a specific item, please call our store directly at 716-297-7393.


Spirits & Liquors:


Cordials: Approx. 623 units

Aperitifs, Vermouth, and Gin: Approx.  174 units

American Whiskey: Approx. 27 units

Canadian Whiskey: Approx.  109 units

Flavored Whiskey: Approx. 84 units

Cognac: Approx. 71 units

Malt Scotch: Approx. 189 units

Scotch Whisky & Irish Whiskey: Approx. 178 units

Rum: Approx.  250 units

Bourbon: Approx. 335 units

Rye: Approx. 62 units

Moonshine: Approx. 43 units

Vodka: Approx.  498 units

Tequila: Approx. 229 units




New York State Wines: Approx. 275 units

Local Niagara County Wines: Approx. 150 units

Ice Wines and Late Harvest: Approx. 29 units

California Wines: Approx. 1493 units

Imported Wines: (This includes Italian, French, Chilean, South African, New Zealand, Australian Wines, & More) Approx. 987 units

Champagne: Approx. 208 units

Vault Wines: Approx. 151 units



Specialty Items: *Please note this includes our select showcase, as well as large format wine bottles* Approx. 70 units

Wine Accessories: Approx.302 units


Disclaimer:  Numbers are based off of SKU measurements. Specific items, unit size, and availability may vary.